Main characteristics of a translation task according to the FEMTI report.

junio 25, 2007 at 10:42 am (IST, littera)

The Framework for Machine Translation Evaluation in ISLE is an attempt to organize the various methods that are used to evaluate MT systems, and to relate them to the purpose and context of the systems. Therefore, FEMTI is made of two interrelated classifications or taxonomies. The first classification enables evaluators to define an intended context of use for the MT system to evaluate. Each feature is then linked to relevant quality characteristics and metrics, defined in the second classification.According to the FEMTI report,

“characteristics of the translation task refers to the information flow intended for the output, from the point of view of the agent (human or otherwise) who receives the translation”.

-for the translation are:

-communication: has to provide translations for dialogues between people who speak different languages.

-assimilation: monitoring a large volume of texts produced by people outside the organization

-dissemination: delivering to others a translation of documents produced inside the organization.




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