Hans Uszkoreit

junio 25, 2007 at 9:11 am (Uncategorized)

Hans Uszkoreit is Professor of Computational Linguistics at Saarland University. he is also the director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

he defines himself as a computational linguist who works as a professor at the Saarland university.let´s have a look to some of the most important events on his formation as a HLT professional.

-Uszkoreit studied Linguistics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Texas at Austin.

-From 1982 until 1986, he worked as a computer scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Center of SRI International in Menlo Park.

-In 1986 he spent six months in Stuttgart on an IBM Research Fellowship at the Science Division of IBM Germany.

-In December 1986 he returned to Stuttgart to work for IBM Germany as a project leader in the project LILOG (Linguistic and Logical Methods for the Understanding of German Texts).

Hans Uszkoreit has published an co-published a lot of works. these works are very practical in order to understand and improve our everyday life with Human language technologies. His most important works are: “Language technology from a European Perspective” (2005) and ”Categorial Unifocation Grammars”(1986).

But if we focus on giving a definition of Human Languge Technologies we can have into account the one given by this expert on the field:

“are information technologies that are specialized for dealing with the most complex information medium in our world: Human language”. This is the reason, he continues, why they are called Human Language Technologies”.



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